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These resources are suitable for lecturers and tutors to use in seminar groups, but many are also suitable for students engaged in independent study.

Films and video clips

The video-clips provide:

  • Real world examples illustrating principles of economics.
  • Animated graphics boards demonstrating how to answer questions raised in the introduction.
  • Mathematical concepts are developed by an on-camera presenter, and illustrated with simple animations.
  • Provide links to suggested Question Bank materials (from the film download page).

Teaching and Learning Guides

The teaching and learning guides are prepared with the lecturer or tutor in mind, and are designed to:

  • Present innovative and interactive approaches to teaching mathematical concepts to economics students.
  • Suggest top tips, and ways to incorporate the question bank and video clips into teaching activities.
  • Provide links to external resources.

Online Question Bank

This resource can be used by students and lecturers for:

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Practice exercises
  • Seminars/tutorials
  • Problem sheets
  • Video support
  • Revision
  • Assessment

Case Studies

These real-world case studies put in context mathematical concepts. They:

  • Demonstrate the relevance of mathematical concepts.
  • Can be used in seminars/tutorials.
  • Aid revision.

Similar resources for statistics in social science are available from the DeSTRESS project.

More resources for teaching Maths for Economists are listed on the Economics Network site.

If you have any comments please contact The Economics Network.

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