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Students and teaching staff can download a fairly extensive set of tests to try out at home. The following file offers a number of question sets which are re-realised each time they are used. It therefore provides many millions of potential economics problems to solve. Download instructions are at the bottom of the page.

These questions can also be used through the MathsEG online interface.

This file contains the following question sets

  • Binomial expansion
  • Chain rule
  • Elementary functions
  • Integration - the basics
  • Product rule
  • Quotient rule
  • Straight lines

These are listed alphabetically; you should not necessarily do the tests in the order detailed above.

Instructions for download:

  • Install Adobe's SVG viewer plug-in once only.
  • Ensure you also have Java.
  • Download and extract each QB file, using the link above, to a folder in some convenient place on your hard drive.
  • Open the extracted zip file.
  • Double click on the folder called the same name as the subject area.
  • Double click on the file called 'presenter.exe'.
  • No answer files are written anywhere but a final screen shows you how you got on.
  • Suggestions on how to incorporate the question bank resources in classroom situations are presented in the Teaching and Learning Guides.

If you're having trouble, see our step-by-step QB download guide for useful information.

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