METAL project   

Helping to enhance teaching and learning

METAL materials or resources itemised on this site offer the user a 'pick and mix' approach to individual teaching sessions.

The online question bank can be used for:

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Practice exercises
  • Seminars/tutorials
  • Problem sheets
  • Video support
  • Revision
  • Assessment

The video-clips provide:

  • Real world examples illustrating the principles of economics from basics to more advanced topics.
  • Animated graphics boards demonstrating how to answer questions raised in the introduction.
  • Mathematical concepts developed by an on-camera presenter, illustrated with simple animations.

The teaching and learning guides are aimed at lecturers and tutors, and present:

  • Innovative and interactive approaches to teaching mathematical concepts to economics students.
  • Topical flow charts identifying different ways to present concepts.
  • Top tips.
  • Links to external resources.
  • Ways to incorporate the question bank and video clips into teaching activities.
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