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What software do I need to view the METAL resources?

New users might need to install some software. It is usually free, and will only need to be downloaded once. Bear in mind that you might need to have administrative rights to add software to a computer if it belongs to a university, school or other institution. Your IT technician will be able to advise you.

To view the METAL films

  • You need Windows Media Player. Your PC should already be equipped with this, or will try to download it, but if not refer to your IT technician, or go to the Windows Media Download Center.
  • For Macs or other platforms, download the free VideoLan player.
  • At the moment you also need to download the Microsoft digital rights management (DRM) licence. Again, your PC will automatically try to access and acquire this license when you play the film.

Special note: Given the difficulties DRM presents some users we are currently working on final versions of the films with improved access. We apologise to users who cannot access them whilst we carry out this work.

To download the Question Bank

  • You need to have Java installed. Your computer might already have a suitable version installed, or will attempt to download it for you automatically. If not you can download this free from the Java website.
  • You will also need the Adobe Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) plugin, which is free and easy to download from the Adobe SVG webpage. This plugin enables you to see all the graphics and charts which make up a large part of the QB materials. If you have trouble accessing this resource please refer to our QB step-by-step download guide.

To read the Teaching and Learning Guides

  • You'll need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. This software is typically included on PCs already, but if it isn't you can acquire it free from the Adobe Reader website.
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