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Question Bank Step-by-Step Download Guide

Computers differ, but this information should help you access and start using the METAL project Question Bank (QB) materials.

  • It provides step-by-step information about how to download the QB questions you want.
  • It provides an overview of the basic features of the QB so you can start using it.
  • It provides guidance on downloading the free software you need (should you computer not already have it).


Universities and other organisations apply strict firewalls on their computer servers to protect the institution from virus software and spyware. Consequently, these firewalls may stop you downloading new plugins to the computer you're using.

If you find you can't download the SVG and Java plugins, detailed below, your IT technician, with the appropriate administrative rights, will be able to help you.

Step 1: Choose a QB topic

  • Choose a question topic you want to download using the menu on the left hand side of the screen, or by using options on the main QB page. 
  • When the new page opens it will list the types of question available and if you see what you want click 'Download question bank'. 

Step 1: choose a topic ...


 ... and download the question bank.


Step 2: Extract the zip file

  • A new window will open. Click 'save' and choose a convenient place on your computer. (Tip: make sure popups are enabled. There should be a button on your browser navigation bar for this near the top of the screen).

Step 2: Save the zip file ....


  • Once you have saved the compressed file open it and choose 'Extract', and, again, choose a location to save the 'unzipped' files.


Step 3: Open the Question Bank

  • You have now downloaded all of the question sets for a complete QB category, and you now have them on your computer to use as many times as you like. To launch the QB go to the location where you saved the files and double-click the 'Question Mark Presenter' icon, and select the question set that interests you from the list. 


 Step 3: Double-click the icon labelled Question Mark 'Presenter' ...


Step 4: Getting started

  • Each time the Question Bank is launched it generates different questions of a particular style. When the programme opens an initial page provides more details and some useful tips. Follow the on-screen instructions, and type 'y' or 'yes' in the field provided and 'submit' to continue.


 Step 4: First page of the METAL QB

  • As new pages are launched type your answer to the questions in the field provided, and click 'submit' for immediate feedback and suggestions.


Step 5: Changing the appearance of the QB pages

  • The QB includes a feature which enables users to change the font and background colour of the screen they are working from. To do this select 'colours and fonts' near the top right hand corner of the first screen. Choose the colour and font best for you then click 'apply and close' before closing the window.


Step 5: Choose the font and colours best for you.

Step 6: Experiment

  • The Question Bank provides users with a valuable tool for diagnoses and testing, either in groups or for individuals. Some suggestions about how to incorporate the QB into your teaching can be found in the METAL Teaching and Learning Guides. In addition, on each QB answer screen there is a built in 'additional material' button. Click it for information about related resources you may find useful.

On each QB answer screen the 'related material' feature suggests other useful resources.


Do you have the right software?

Having trouble viewing the QB?

To view all the graphic elements of the QB materials you need to ensure the following software plug-ins are loaded to your PC. You only need to add them once to your computer.

Adobe SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Viewer

Go to the Adobe SVG webpage. Scroll down the page a little, and under the title 'learn more' click the link to SVG Viewer.


 On the Adobe website, click the link to the SVG Viewer.

Choose the right version for your computer, and follow the on-screen instructions to save the file to your computer.


Choose the right version for your computer.


This is a commonly used application, and your computer may already have a version. However, if you still have difficulty seeing the QB resources you may need to add or update Java.

Go to the Java website, and follow their simple, on-screen instructions.


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